You’re AWESOME Tracy!!!

30 09 2007

A special note to Tracy, my wonderful 2nd shooter and friend!!…..

I am grateful and thankful that you are so into photography and willing to photograph weddings with me.  First of all you have a terrific eye,  you step back to see what’s going on and then catch it with pictures.  You make people laugh and smile.  You are so hungry to learn, it’s refreshing.  You’re eager to do well and to help exceed my client’s expectations.  You never complain under any circumstances (even when we have 2 weddings in one weekend and you’ve been on your feet for 18 hours!!!!).  

Thank you for subscribing to the glass is half full……no……’spilling over’ outlook on life.  That’s a natural trait that people have, you’ve either got it or don’t (though I’ll keep trying to show & convince people otherwise  😉 )   and you’ve got it.  I love surrounding myself with positive people and that’s one of the many reasons that you have a gzillion friends, because of your amazing outlook. 

Thanks for your continued interest in wanting to learn more, become better, and for the ease in teaching you.  I’m honored that you are part of my team.  🙂

You are a fantastic mother, wonderful wife, terrific friend, caring daughter and an A+ photographer.

You know I love you.



One response

11 10 2007
Denise (GRAY) Johnson

Pam- anxious to see some pics from Shareen’s party email me!! You & Tracy are doing some fantastic things. Your work is just amazing!!

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