Meeting Chanda Bell, co-author of Elf on the Shelf…

4 11 2007

My mother-in-law called me last month to inform me of the “Elf on the Shelf” and to see if I’d like it for the girls….during the holiday season, this elf will hang out at our house daily and observe the behavior of our girls.  Each night he will go back to the North Pole to report to Santa of their behavior, good or bad.  Of course in our case, it will be good GREAT behavior.  😀

Each morning the girls will wake to find him in a different spot after returning from the North Pole….to observe again.  Awesome, what a cool tradition this will be in our home….the girls will love it!  They also get to name their new buddy, can register the name online and receive a special note from Santa Claus!!

Then today my friend Sarah called to tell me that the author will be up the street at Banner’s Hallmark for a book signing.  I was so excited for Hayley to meet the author of this great story.  Sarah and Tito picked us up, we stopped by Grandma Patsy’s to pick up our book and off we went. 
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Chandra could not have been sweeter.  She’s a natural with children, very welcoming, someone you think you’ve known before.  She co-authored this book with her mother, Carol Aebersold. 

Here she is with Tito…
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…and with Hayley…
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…and with one of her friends that traveled with her from GA and one of the elf helpers at Hallmark…
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I liked this idea so much that I bought another book (& elf) for Lexi so when they are grown with children, they both have the storybook to pass along.

This is a fantastic story and tradition, I know I haven’t done it justice so please check out their website by clicking the Elf on the Shelf.

Thanks Patsy and Sarah for bringing this story into our lives!  I know we’ll have a great time with it.

Thanks to Chanda for taking the time away from your family to bring joy to ours.  We appreciate you.



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12 11 2007
Chanda Bell

First, let me say what a pleasure it was to meet you, your friends, and your family at Banner’s Hallmark. I am always honored when anyone takes time out of their schedule to meet me. It is truly an honor to visit with children and families, alike. Meeting the children, and knowing that my mom and I have played a small part in recreating wonderful Christmas memories for them is nothing short of sheer delight! Every time I meet a child, I remember what it was like to experience the magic of Christmas with my own visit from the elf; and now as a parent, I’m able to enjoy the simple pleasure of receiving the daily “I found my elf in the……” report. Therefore, I wish you a Christmas full of special memories that will last a life-time! By the way, Pam, your pictures are beautiful! You are truly an artisit. Thank you for sharing them with me.

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