Let it snow…

21 01 2008

We had a fun snow fall the other day (always fun when you’re home and don’t need to go anywhere!!)

Here are the girls walking to the neighbor’s house…

Meet Maasha…sliding down the driveway…
We’re so glad she’s part of the neighborhood now. Our friends next door recently adopted her from Russia. She’s sweet, smart and a bundle of fun energy.

There are a few ways to get rid of snow:
1. Wait ’til it melts…(my preferred method  😉 )
2. Shovel it…(Lexi and Katelyn are demonstrating this method)
3. Eat it…(demonstration, courtesy of Hayley)

Here’s adorable Katelyn taking a brief break…

Once daddy made it home from work, Hayley and Lexi were able to don their favorite hats (thanks Leila 😉 ) and go back out to play…

I’m still a Florida girl at heart, but I love the seasonal changes.  To be able to watch my girls fall in the snow, make snow angels, fight over who gets the snow shovel (yes, really), catch snowflakes on their tongues, sled down the hill while laughing hilariously, hit mommy with a snowball…..PRICELESS!!



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