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15 02 2008

When I received the call from Andrea, the director at my girl’s Child Care Center, telling me that Hayley’s chin might need medical attention, I thought to myself…self….I’m sure they are just being safe, she’s okay.   Well, she was okay.  She was quietly and bravely holding a towel and ice to her chin.  Her spirit was okay, under her chin….not so much.  

I instantly felt like an ignorant mother, not knowing where to take her to get checked out….take her to her doctor or to the ER?  So of course I called her doctor’s office.  The office staff and medical team at Dr. Parnes and May have been awesome since our first visit,  days after Hayley was born.  They have heard the full capacity of the inner lungs of both of my girls…octaves higher than ever imaginable.  The minute one of my sweeties hears the crinkle of the paper that lays over the exam bed….watch out, it’s all over.

Today was different.  When Hayley fell, she didn’t cry.  When she waited in the office with Andrea and Laura (thanks ladies for your help), she didn’t cry.  The drive to the doctor’s office, she didn’t cry.  During her exam with Dr. May, nope, no tears.

I thought the tears would start when Dr. May used the “s” word…stitches.   Yikes! But no tears!! 

When we got to Howard County General Hospital, they were quick and efficient.  Within minutes, we were in the pediatric emergency care.  Everyone was AWESOME.  A super special thank you to Renee and Dr. Aggarwal.  Our experience could not have been better under the circumstances.  Renee was fantastic with Hayley…she helped us pick out a movie, got us a snack, explained so nicely to Hayley what would happen and how it would happen, she even brought Hayley a cute little stuffed animal.  She also, while holding Hayley’s head in place, told Hayley what was going on with the Peter Pan movie while Hayley was in a position where she couldn’t watch for herself. 

Dr. Aggarwal was terrific and precise with his stitching….and had a GREAT bedside manner.  I asked him since he had the needle and thread out,  if he could do an eye and/or brow lift on me but he only works on patients under 18!!  😉   Heck, when I was under 18, I didn’t need the work!  😀 Thanks Dr. for taking such care with our Hayley, Johnny and I appreciate you.

Honestly, I never want to have one of my daughter’s hurt EVER again, but if we should need to bring them to a hospital again, Howard County General Hospital is tops on my list.

Here’s Hayley with Renee before being discharged…

Johnny and Hayley grabbed a ride on the carousel…
(The pictures are from my iPhone,  not the best quality, but still okay.) 

We then headed to Chick-fil-A for a very special treat, a yummy Cookies and Cream milkshake…and of course, no tears there either.

Thank you to Dr. May at Parnes and May and to Renee and Dr. Aggarwal at Howard County General Hospital.



2 responses

16 02 2008

oh my lord Pam – that poor baby. what a brave girl (both of you!)! i’m so glad that she is all fixed up and that your hospital visit was a positive experience – that makes all the difference in the world, especially when you’re there with little ones (been there, done that!). hugs to all the brave girls!

18 02 2008

Pam your little girl is very brave. She was so proud to show me when she came to school on Friday. Everyone at the center couldn’t get over how Hayley didn’t even flinch. Now Hayley will have her very own scar story. I’m sure everyone nows how they go. Love yah, Ms. Tammy

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