Handsome brothers…

24 02 2008

I received an email from Tammy, the mother of a high school senior, asking me to take her son’s pictures.  He had senior pictures taken last summer, but he’d grown quite a bit since then.  I enjoyed our phone conversation; Tammy seemed like a really cool mom and a smart and fun person.  She’s great friends with someone near and dear to me so there was an instant connection.

Tammy greeted me in her driveway with a hug…a welcoming, warm hearted person…right up my alley.  They live in a beautiful home out in the country and I was really glad that the weather people were wrong…again 😉 …it was a nice sunny day instead of a cold rainy one!  We had great natural light coming through their windows. (Okay…it did start to drizzle when we were outside taking the soccer pictures) 😀

Christopher graduates this year…

How ’bout these handsome guys…

Christopher has played soccer for years. Both he and Ryan demonstrated for me their ‘juggling’ abilities. They both rocked. Here’s Christopher…

Tammy, it was so fun coming out and photographing your boys.  Thanks for trusting me with this great honor!  Christopher and Ryan, you did a great job and I know deep down inside, you didn’t mind, right????? 😀

And let’s not forgot cute little Oreo…

and Amber…

Tracy, thanks so much for referring me to Tammy.  xoxo



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