Meghan and her girls check out their dresses…

27 02 2008

Meghan is one of my brides that I’m able to photograph this year.  She’s one of those people that you can’t decide if she’s more beautiful on the outside or inside; it’s truly a toss up.  She’s gorgeous as well as one of the nicest, friendliest and sweetest people you’ll meet. 

She had previously told me about Julia Elena, the woman who owns the dress shop, Casa Mauricio,where she found her wedding gown.  I couldn’t wait to meet this lady; Meghan had spoken so highly of her.  Click here to read a terrific article about Julia Elena.

Once I got my equipment out of the car, I was met by her mom, Pat, in the parking lot.  First I thought it was Meghan, then I thought it must be her sister.  I’m not sucking up, I honestly thought that!  She’s beautiful too and looks soooo young!

We made it into Julia Elena’s shop and I could tell right away why Meghan was so stoked about this place and the owner.  It was fabulous experience!  Julia Elena welcomed us with open arms and was accomodating, warm hearted and definately knowledgable.  (*Note to all brides, if  you don’t already have your dress for yourself or your wedding party, definately check her out!!)

Meghan has some awesome people standing up for her when she marries Jay.  I was able to meet 3 of them that morning.  Erin, Caitlin and Jessica are fantastic friends to Meghan and a pure blast.   Hopefully they will loosen up and learn to feel comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding 😉 …

We’re too sexy for our dress, too sexy…

Julia Elena looks on as “Meghan’s Angels” strike a pose…

I wish I could post tons of pictures of Meghan from the dress fitting, but obviously I can’t show her off in her wedding dress, but we really got some great shots that I can’t wait to share with her. In the meantime, here’s a great picture of Meghan (middle), Julia Elena, Erin, Caitlin and Jessica…

Thanks ladies for showing me what you’re all about. It was great being with you all.

Meghan, Tracy and I are looking forward to capturing your wedding day memories for you and Jay. You are an amazing couple with a fantastic future ahead of you and I’m honored to be able to witness the beginning of your new life together!

I’m looking forward to your engagement session!!




One response

29 02 2008
Meghan Johnson

Hi Pam,

WOW-these are AMAZING!! They turned out so well and beautiful!! I agree with you, though, and I hope my girls warm up to the camera a little bit before our wedding 🙂 !! Thank you SO much for coming out with us and for capturing that experience for us!! Your photography skills are absolutely amazing and blow me away each time I look at your pictures! You’ve been such an awesome gift to Jay & me, not to mention an amazing friend to us, too. Thank you for your generosity with your time and skills-you always manage to be everywhere everyone wants you to be and you always have a beautiful smile on your face!! Thank you again for “making it happen” and being at our dress fitting with us-even though I gave you very little notice!! Jay & I can’t wait to share our wedding day with you and truly appreciate all that you’ve done for us!!

Thanks again,

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