Kristen and Jeff…

29 02 2008

Just look at them…aren’t they cute…

…and in love…

I had so much fun with Kristen and Jeff during their e-session. An added joy was Mason, Jeff’s son…

…he’s a sweetie.

We had a fun game of family ball going on…

Kristen and Jeff, it was my pleasure hanging out with you. You are cute, fun, kind, sexy, loving and caring people. June is going to be a fantastic month for you; the start of your new life together. Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your special moments for you, I’m looking forward to more.

Mary and Walter, thanks so much for your referral. You’ve got some great friends! xo



One response

3 03 2008

You are officially part of our life story. You have captured moments and memories that we will talk about for years to come. Thank you so much for the time and committment you have given to show people a glimpse of our life!

Love always, Kristen, Jeff and Mason

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