My baby turns 3…

16 03 2008

Last weekend my baby became a “big girl” 3 year old.  

We celebrated with friends and family at Playwise Kids in Columbia.  We had been there a few other times and the girls have had a blast each time.  So much to do and a diverse range of choices!  Check them out for a fun play date or party! 

Amanda was our “Party Hero”.  She was great with Lexi and her friends.  Amanda, thanks for taking great care to make sure Lexi had fun.  You coordinated everything nicely to ensure that her party ran smoothly.

Here’s the big girl…

Lexi LOOOOVES the sandbox…

Here’s Lexi with Amanda, her “Party Hero”…

There are many different areas to play at Playwise. One is the grocery store. You can fill up your grocery cart with fruits, veggies and dry goods and then head over the cashier. Here Joseph heads out to shop…

Big sister Hayley with Jake and her cousin Kelly…

Three Brothers does the catering for Playwise Kids.  Everyone loved the pizza and fruit platter that they prepared.  Yum!

I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time…

Thanks to Amanda and to Playwise Kids for providing this fun entertainment for Lexi and her friends.  Amanda, the letter that you sent to Lexi was really nice!  Thanks to Three Brothers for the food.  Thanks to Lexi’s friends and family for coming out and celebrating with us.  Thanks to Nonnie and Poppu for making the drive to be here with us.

And of course, thanks to Lexi for being such a sweet, cute, smart and lovable daughter! We love you soooo much.



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