Rockstar Roadtrip…

1 04 2008

starring Corey McNabb and Amber Holritz…comes to DC!! 

I had the honor of attending Corey and Amber’s Rockstar Roadtrip workshop yesterday.  They are absolutely wonderful, talented and knowledgable photographers! 

I was lucky enough to meet  Amber and her husband, Nathan,  last year  in Chicago at Pictage’s PartnerCon.  They are a great example of how a husband and wife team can successfully run a business together. 

Corey spent the morning sharing ideas about wedding photography and Amber shared her knowledge on Lifestyle Portraiture in the afternoon.  Both offered great insight.  If you’re a photographer and have the oppotunity to check them out…do so!!!

Here’s Curt, our rep from Pixel2Canvas, Amber and Corey as they search for “something” (sorry I can’t divulge what it was) 😉 on the net…

After the informative morning and afternoon sessions and a Q & A session, they broke out the Rock Band.  Photogs jumped in to jam!  Here, Amber shows us how to rock with the best…

and Corey…

Rock on Corey and Amber. Thanks so much for making a stop in DC. We really appreciate you taking time away from your families and businesses to share with us!

Several terrific companies are sponsoring this event.  Photographer’s Edit is one of them.  What a great tool for busy photographers.  If you’re a photographer who is ‘time-challenged’ and find it difficult to edit your events or would like to spend more of your time shooting and less time behind the computer, check them out, they look fantastic!  Thank you Photographer’s Edit for a fabulous lunch!



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