13 more days until Karen and Scott get married…

27 04 2008

and we met up at University of Maryland to spend some time together for their engagement shoot. Photographers Robin Single and Debbie Scalise are going to be photographing their ceremony for me so they met with us as well. It was fun working with both of them and I know they will capture the beauty and magic of Karen and Scott’s ceremony.

Okay, let’s get started with University of Maryland vs. Duke. Scott graduated from U of MD. Karen brought a few “props” with her for their campus photoshoot. U of MD has the Terrapin as their mascot. My husband went to U of MD also, and I never quite understood their slogan, “Fear the Turtle”…like who can’t run from a turtle!!!…pahleeeezzee!!!! 😉 Here’s the future husband and wife team posing with the big, bad turtle…check out who’s wearing the Duke Blue Devil horns….
Scott, when Johnny saw this picture, he said “He let that happen??” 😀

Karen and Scott are really fun to work with. They are fun, smart, sexy and easy going! Aren’t they gorgeous…

Here are just a few of my favorites from our afternoon together…
…way to go Debs.

Puddles are great…


And of course, I always love the silhouette when I can get one…

Thanks for a fun afternoon! Karen, you a one smart and beautiful woman, Scott you represent the Sigma Chi’s well! It’s been really nice getting to know you over the last few months and working with you both. I’m looking forward to seeing you at your reception! I hope these next couple of weeks are enjoyable and relaxing for you.

Robin and Debs, your pictures from the e-session are amazing. I appreciate you working with me and consider it an honor! Thanks.

Mary and Walter, thank you for referring me to another awesome couple! xoxo



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28 04 2008

Pam (robin & debs) – the pictures are breathtaking! Scott will probably catch a lot of heat from his Terp crew for the devil horns on Testudo but it just shows everyone how much he loves me – I’m one lucky girl!!! And I was impressed with the water reflection picture! You all definitely ‘caught the moment’ with these pictures!

Scott & I are so excited about our wedding date and are ecstatic that you will be photographing our special day! We had a blast with the ‘paparazzi’ during our engagement photo session and can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Thank you again!!! (& thanks to walt & mary too for recommending you)
Karen & Scott

2 05 2008

Nice! Love the reflection shot and the sunset…just beautiful!

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