Katie and Scott make a trip from Massachusetts…

30 04 2008

and we were able to get together for their engagement session. Katie and I had spoken many times on the phone. Meeting Katie over the phone was like talking to an old friend, there was a genuine connection. I was really looking forward to meeting this awesome couple.

They have a fantastic love story that dates back to Katie moving to Florida to attend college. She met a guy named Chris on her second day of school and they became friends. Chris later introduced Katie to his best friend, Scott, when Scott visited from Boston. Fast forward…Scott and Katie now live in Boston and are awaiting their November wedding! That’s the abridged version!! Good job Chris!! 😀

We met at Ft. McHenry on a beautiful, sunny, cool day. Katie is from this area and I was so glad that she suggested this spot. I always like my couples to pick a place that means something to them whenever possible. Ft. McHenry has trails galore. Katie and Scott have run many races (a goal is the Boston Marathon!!) and have used this scenic area for training runs. They may be running the Baltimore Marathon just a few weeks before they get married!! 🙂 You can do it!!!

Here are some of my favorites from our fantastic time together. I look at the colors of these pictures and how bright and vibrant they are and instantly see the parallels to Katie and Scott’s personalities. They are fun-laid-back-enjoy-life type of people with vibrant, loving personalities.


They were always laughing with one another…

unless they were kissing…
I cued the birds 😉

So cute of Katie. She’s as warm and friendly as this picture illustrates…

(no disrespect intended to Major George Armistead) 😉

Katie and Scott, thank you for interviewing me and choosing me to document this incredible time of your life. It was great spending time with you both. Scott, you’re a great man, I know you’ll be a terrific husband! A bonus was to be able to meet your father and grandfather Katie! I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of your families and your friends.

Jenna and Charity, thanks for referring me!



3 responses

30 04 2008

Thanks for the awesome photos! It was such a fun day. These are beautiful.
You Rock!
Katie and Scott

30 04 2008
Andy and Dotty Anderson

Great pictures, but of course we’re biased!
Looking forward to the wedding in November.
Scott’s Dad and Mum

7 05 2008

What a lovely session Pam! Love that you got some pretty blue skies – so rare in Maryland! =)

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