Karen and Scott host a fantastic time…

26 05 2008

…for their family and friends.

Karen worked hard on every detail to have a magnificent day, and it was MAGNIFICENT!!

This is the only time I’ve ever agreed to photograph 2 weddings on the same day. I knew we’d have the energy and stamina to last throughout the day….(knowing that it would hit us the next day!), with the help of Robin and Debbie.

Fellow photographers and friends Robin and Debbie worked hard with me to coordinate the ceremony and portrait portion of Karen and Scott’s wedding day. They joined me for the engagement session and we turned into the ‘paparazzi’…(though a gentle and loving type paparazzi);-)   . We met in my office one evening and covered every last detail of the wedding day and I knew I had the right photographers working with me. To both of you, thanks for the communication throughout the planning/coordinating and thanks for a fantastic job capturing Karen and Scott’s beautiful ceremony. You did a spectacular job.

Karen was a great bride with which to work. She was so well organized, never skipping a beat, never missing a detail…all while keeping a very pleasant attitude.

It was important for Karen and Scott to enjoy as much time with their guests as possible on their wedding day, so they chose to get all of their portraits taken prior to their ceremony instead of cutting into their cocktail hour with friends and family.

They were married at Good Shepard United Methodist Church in Silver Spring. It’s a beautiful church with a private courtyard. The courtyard is where we arranged for them to see each other for the first time that day.

 Karen looked gorgeous…

and obviously, Scott agreed…          

Love this shot of Karen…

The gorgeous couple…

Here’s the fun, and I mean FUN, wedding party prior to the ceremony…

So…during the ceremony, they laughed…

…they cried…

…they became husband and wife…

At the UMUC Inn and Conference Center, they enjoy their first dance…

The Sigma Chi guys entertained Karen with a serenade…


Encore entertained Karen, Scott and all of their guests. They rocked the entire night and kept everybody on their feet. They were phenomenal!! Anybody out there looking for a fantastic band that knows how to entertain, check them out!

Brittany, the coordinator at the hotel was great. The first time I met her I was meeting with Karen. I loved how she was down to business, effective and very accomodating.

Karen had spoken so highly of Reverend Joye. Robin and Debs certainly came back singing her praises as well. Thank you Reverend Joye.

Tracy, as usual, you’ve done a great job. I always know that you’ll have a great outlook and a positive attitude throughout the day and I appreciate that. You were just as energized in the 14th hour as your were at the start of the day…thank you for always being consistent. xoxo

Mary and Walter…thanks again for referring me, you rock…

Karen and Scott, you’ve got a great start to your new life together.  You had a hotel full of friends and family that love you and wish you the very best. There was great energy in that room and I know it’ll be with you always.  Thanks for trusting me and my team to document this awesome time in your life.  We truly enjoyed capturing these memories for you.





One response

12 06 2008
Karen Werber

Thank you to all our photographers – you did an awesome job and had so much energy which I knew you would need with our crew. I’ve heard nothing but compliments re: the pictures. Thank you for helping to make our day so much fun!!! Next project will be the baby pics! keep your fingers crossed that I can plan that as my big 2009 event!

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