Cape May, NJ is beautiful…

29 05 2008

…and so are the residents!!

I was attending MARS, Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography and had the pleasure of meeting several people that live in this charming beach town.

One of them is Theresa…
isn’t she a doll?

(First of all, I hope I get time to blog about my MARS experience because it was an incredible time.  I studied under MIchael Redford and he knows what the heck he’s talking about when it comes to business and portraiture.  You rock Michael! Thanks again for taking time away from your own business to help us with ours! I met some incredibly talented photographers that week.  It was great to study with them, shoot with them, power walk with them, socialize with them and laugh with them.  Anne Looney was my roomie and it couldn’t have worked out any better, thanks Anne!)  I honestly hope to post more on this incredible experience later.

Okay, back to the fun shoot…

I met Theresa and Daniel by accident. I needed to get change for the parking meter so I ran into Casales Shoes at the Washington Street Mall. Two gorgeous woman were talking about a photo shoot that one of them was going to have later that day.  I thought she was referring to being a model for the MARS school but she explained that a local restaurant was doing a commercial shoot and she would be a ‘guest’ in the restaurant during the shoot. They gave me the change and off I went.  I was at the mall because I was shopping for a gift for our instructor with Sue Engler, a wonderful photographer from Delaware.  I had my camera gear in the car JUST IN CASE I had the opportunity to shoot. 

Long story short(er)…I formally met Theresa and Chris (the women that I accidentally eavesdropped on their conversation earlier) and Daniel…Theresa’s adorable boyfriend.  Theresa and I hung out for a while as I photographed her and then Daniel eventually joined us.   

These two were so cute together and so much fun and soooo into each other.  Their first date was almost two years ago at a Vintage Prom fundraiser.  They were crowned King and Queen.  How cute is that?! Not a bad first date!!!…and a great story to share with grandkids one day 😉

Okay, here are some of my faves from our short time together…





Theresa and Dan, it was great working with you and getting to know you! Dan, for you to call Theresa and ask her if she wanted to come back into town was awesome, thank you.

You make me smile everytime I think about how sweet you were to one another. Always be like that!

Dan, it was great to have met your Aunt and Grandfather. Your family has a great business there!!

I wish for you the best. Keep me posted on how you’re doing!!





2 responses

2 06 2008

Pam – these are GREAT! Would love to hear about your workshop over lunch sometime soon! Call me and we’ll get together!

3 06 2008
Tony Han

Some impressive work, lovely portraits!!

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