Kristen and Jeff…

12 07 2008

…oh my gosh, I have so much to say….about this beautiful couple, their fantastic and unique wedding day, their wonderful families and friends.

I know I’ve said it before (over and over again), besides being a mommy to my beautiful girls, I have the best job in the world.  I get to witness people becoming husband and wife and it is just such an honor and privilege.  Thanks Kristen and Jeff for trusting me with this huge honor.

Somehow I end up with the best couples EVER!  and Kristen and Jeff were nothing short of the best. Jeff’s son Mason is a doll and I’m so glad that we could hang out again. Mason, you are going to love your pictures!

We began their day at the DoubleTree Hotel in Annapolis.  I love when the guys and girls are all getting ready at the same place.  When we get to hang out with the boys as well, it allows us the opportunity to tell the whole story in their album.

Okay, Jacquie Hannan, a phenomenal make up artist and hair stylist (yes, 2 in 1 and great at both) had been with Kristen since early morning.  Sidebar….I had worked with Jacquie during somebody’s boudoir session, she rocks.  If you ever need a hair or make up person, she’s your girl!   Kristen looked fantastic and was cool as a cucumber when Tracy and I arrived.  There was a very slight panic in the room while everybody searched for her mom’s diamond stud earring.  Luckily, it was found. Go Tracy! 😀  I’d love to share where it was found, but not without permission from mom! 😉

I’m doing something a little different for Kristen and Jeff.  I’m posting a slideshow on my blog instead of individual images.  I always present a highlights show at the reception of images taken that day…but posting one on my blog is new to me.   I’m used to telling the story of the day in between images when I post my blog; since I’m presenting the slideshow, I must fill you in prior to viewing!!

They were married at the beautiful Calvary Methodist Church in Annapolis.  Pastor Brought and his staff were tremendous.  Paster Brought performed a really nice ceremony for Kristen and Jeff.

They have beautiful grounds at Calvary.  After taking the formal portraits inside the Church with the families, we headed outside with the bridal party and had a great time.  It was 150 degrees 😉 , but I never heard one person complain.  One of the ‘must have’ shots that Kristen wanted was under an archway that had the letter “A” on it.  Hiking through the woods paid off, we found the ‘archway to Annapolis’.  

Here’s where some of the uniqueness (that is a word, right??) comes into play.  I rode with the wedding party in the limo while Tracy headed back to the hotel to get detail shots and images of the guests at the cocktail hour.  Tracy soon called me and informed me that the hotel was closed…that there was a fire…and that 7 firetrucks were there!  No word as of yet if or when it would be reopened.  First I asked her if everyone was okay, then I asked her to make sure she’s catching on film!! 😀  Which she was.

Bobby, Kristen’s brother,  my great “go-to-guy”, made sure that Kristen had no idea of what was going on back at the hotel.  We were flirting with dark skies heading our way and knew that our time outside was going to be cut short due to rain.  Great, there’s our plan to stall.  Once the rain started, we took cover at Phillips for a pre-reception cocktail.  Tracy had called me a couple more times to tell me that they were going to reopen shortly!  WOOHOO!!  When we got word that the hotel reopened, Bobby filled her in with what was going on at the hotel. You will see images of Kristen’s face when she’s being told about the news of the fire. 

The Annapolis firefighters were awesome.  They took care of the electrical fire quickly and efficiently.   Thanks to all of the firefighters, YOU ROCK!  

It’s seems to me that at least once at every wedding I photograph, I’m glad that I have my camera to hide behind because I’m overcome with emotion at some point of the day.  There are so many poignant, touching moments.  My moment on this day came when Kristen told me that her grandfather, who passed away, was with the FDNY….he was watching out for everyone.

The Klassix, rocked the afternoon into the evening.  I had the pleasure of working with them on another occasion and was really looking forward to hearing them again.  They were GREAT, it’s obvious that they have a great time while they work!  Everybody loved them.

OKAY, TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH THE SLIDESHOW…can you believe it?? It’s not loading!  I just heard back from wordpress and they don’t accept Flash…..I will get it up and running somehow. But, in the meantime, here are some images from their glorious day…

Love this one of her dad walking with her while carrying her train…

Kristen and her brother sharing a laugh before heading to the church..,

Jeff is heading out to the limo…

Kevin, Jeff’s brother, found a goodie bag from a local high school’s prom…

We were able to get some fun shots of the guys prior to the ceremony…

You may now kiss the bride…



The Harbor Queen cruise boat was just heading out when we got to the docks. They threw out a hearty congratulations and a couple blasts from their horn…


This next sequence is when Bobby told Kristen about the situation at the hotel…



Back at the hotel…



Check back, I will figure out somehow to get the slideshow up and running.

Kristen and Jeff, you are absolutely great together. All day long you genuinely smiled at each other and couldn’t take your eyes off of each other. The mutual love and admiration you have for one another is acutely evident. You were so gracious to everyone and really showed your families and friends a great time. I wish you a wonderful long life together.

Mary and Walter, again, thank you for referring me.  You know how much I appreciate you.

Lots of xoxo



7 responses

13 07 2008
Kristen and Jeff of course!

Are you kidding me!?! You truly are the BEST photographer EVER… I mean, the whole commentary on our wedding?!? I think Jeff and I have just inducted you into the Kelly/Sullivan family just from your blog ALONE! Thank you Pam for capturing this moment in our lives. We have so much to catch up on and we can’t wait to see the whole thing! I am emailing everyone to highlight your blog because of how hilarious and cute it is! Thanks, With love always, Kristen and Jeff Sullivan!

13 07 2008
Beth Thomas

As the kids say, OMG! This is fantastic! Jeff & Kristen, what a great memory of your blessed day. And, what a story! Your wedding will never be forgotten. It was fun, exciting, and memorable. Thanks for including us in your special day and we can’t wait to continue celebrating with you.

Pam, we will definitely use you in the future! I don’t see our 14 year old or our 4 year old getting married anytime soon but I am very interested in having some family photos taken. Your ability to capture the memories is great.

Take care, Beth T

13 07 2008
Terri Kelly

Since Pam graciously waited for my permission to tell the story of my diamond studded earring I will fill you all in. It was in my ear. Thank you all who were there and stayed so calm and thank you Tracey for asking me if it looked like the one in my ear.
Pam, you were outstanding. We have heard from many of the guests how great the slide show was, your approach to taking the pictures, the candid shots. Thank you for capturing very special moments . Terri Kelly, Mother of the Bride

13 07 2008
Tara Kelly

The pictures I have seen are so wonderful I can only imagine what the many photos to come will look like. Pam you were great and hopefully we will be calling on your expertise in the future. Thank you for capturing Kristen’s story so well not only in pictures but in your blog. Tracy thank you for helping my mom find her earring. It brought laughter that is always welcome in our company. Hope you all had as much fun as we did!
Tara, sister of the bride

13 07 2008
Barbara sullivan

Thanks Pam for the wonderful job you did at Kristen’s and Jeff’s wedding. Their smiles tell the story, and the wedding is just the beginning of a dream come true life together. I am still trying to come down off the “high” of the event and the happiness I feel seeing my son so happy and knowing that now I have a perfect daughter-in-law. Thanks to all who made this a very special day for two very special people. Barbara Sullivan (Mother of the Groom)

14 07 2008

Dear Pam, you are one heck of a photographer!!!!! What wonderful memories you captured for my niece Kristen and new nephew Jeff, they will have great times looking back on their wedding day, and will be able to laugh and smile looking back at their day. The party, the hotel fire, the rain…. just made the day one for the memory books. Your write up of your time at the affair was excellent. I can easily say that the June 28th affair was one of the best, and a day that will be remembered by all. Regina Ressegue, Aunt to Kristen and now Jeff.

16 07 2008

OMG Pam – that’s MY church! Byron married us 11 years ago in that very same spot! How funny! What a cute couple! Looks like everything worked out just fine – and you even got some super special pictures to capture those memorable one-of-a-kind moments!

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