A fun and relaxing vacation…

28 07 2008

We just returned from a fun family vacation in Ocean City.  We had fantastic weather, lots of beach time, fun waterslides and best of all, GREAT family time!

I’ve put together a slideshow.  Mostly water time, a photo shoot with the girls on the beach and boat time with our friends Anne and Mike.  Hope you enjoy. This is also an example of the slideshow that is included in the “Day in the Life of …….” portrait session.  Contact me for details.


CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SLIDESHOW.  Some images were taken with my iPhone so the quality isn’t the BEST.


Here are a few photos from the week.

Daddy and the girls…

Lexi is finally starting to have fun in front of the camera. Usually she can sense it from a mile away and takes off running. Here, her pants are wet from running in the ocean and she’s full of sand, but I love it…

Adorable image of the girls…

Now, as you are probably aware, most hotels have a “foot shower” that you can use so you don’t track sand throughout their hotel. Hayley took it to a whole new level… 

I love this of Hayley and Lexi…
I feel like I need to explain that image because you can see sand but there is no water!!! Yes, I saturated the sky in Photoshop but I didn’t remove the ocean! The tide that morning created a cliff, literally it looked like a vertical wall. There was about a 1 1/2 – 2 foot drop off and then you were in the water!

At the end of the week, we were able to visit our friends, Anne and Mike and their adorable children William and Ella. You’ll see several images of their family in the slideshow. Here’s a photo of Anne taken during the fun boat ride they gave us…
Thanks you guys for your awesome hospitality. You provided a phenomenal finale to our vacation.

Me and the girls…

Johnny, enjoying the boat ride…

Some of the images you’ll see in the slideshow were taken at Slide and Ride on 65th Street.  We had a blast. They have waterslides, basketball courts, miniture golf, a moon bounce, ‘paddle’ boats for kids and more.  We had so much fun there and very reasonably priced.  So if you have children and are going to vacation in Ocean City, check them out!



3 responses

28 07 2008

Love them!! How cute are the girls!!!!!! You are great with the camera! Can we get together because I need to get a new picture for my business card? When everyone sees the card they do a double take and ask me, “Is that really you?”. I NEED a new one!!!!!!!!
Call me and we will set up an appointment when it is good for you!

Thanks Pam!

28 07 2008

What a beautiful family! Husband could shed a few lb’s though! haha.

great, great pic’s.

30 07 2008

Looks like you guys had an incredible time on vacation and I love all the photos you got – especially the ones of the girls on the beach. They are so darn cute! Hope to see you soon!

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