A gorgeous 08-08-08 for Alicia and Gray.

14 08 2008

I had the pleasure of witnessing Alicia and Gray exchange vows at Prettyboy Reservoir late Friday morning. 

They could not have chosen a more beautiful day.  When I walked outside to load my gear into the car, I was taken back by the cool, crisp air.  It was weather you expect to find on a gorgeous fall day, late September, certainly not on an August day.  I was elated for this couple.  

The drive to their home, combined with the awesome “fall day” was truly a great start to my work day.  I drove the rolling hills, saw people riding horses and even said moo a few times when I passed a cow.  It was going to be a GOOD day!  🙂

I had the pleasure of meeting Gray, of Manna Bros. when he came to give us a bid on finishing more of our basement for my studio.  My husband and I knew that he was ALRIGHT! Not only did he have a great track record, but he understood my need for attention to detail because his work would represent my work.  And let me tell you, they did a phenomenal job!  They were there each day with great attitudes, worked late into the day, were pleasant to my girls and performed top notch work. Not only did they meet the expectations he promised but exceeded them!  That is something that I strive for everyday with my business, to aim high and land higher, and it’s refreshing to see someone else handle his business the same.  Okay, that wasn’t intended to be a commercial for Gray, but there you have it! 😉

This was the first time I met Alicia and she was everything Gray said she was.  He spoke highly of her the very first time we met him. I know, sweet, huh?

They are doing some remodeling in their beautiful home.  Along with some paint samples that were attached to the walls, I saw this…and smiled…

Here is the gorgeous Alicia…


Straight out of a storybook…the shoe fits the princess…

Up at Prettyboy Reservoir they were married by Reverend Parker Sutton, who performed a beautiful ceremony.  

For many reasons, I LOVE this image…



Alicia and Gray, Johnny joins me in wishing you the very best that life has to offer.  

Thanks for allowing me the privilege to document your ceremony.  It was a joy to spend time with your families and friends as well…you have a great group of people that surround you.




Rock on!