High School Seniors…

15 08 2008

are smart, beautiful, handsome and fun.  I’ve had a great time these past few weeks photographing seniors and I have a lot to blog, I’m going to start with Erin.  I’ll catch up on my blogging in the next few weeks.

Erin is heading off to college in a couple of weeks.  She had her senior pictures taken last year but wanted something more than just the classic senior headshot.

A personal note about Erin.  Many of you know that I own another business, ABC Jamboree.  Since the early 90’s we’ve been traveling to child care centers throughout VA, DC and MD to teach motor development, tumbling and dance.  Through our program, children learn at an early age that movement, which later translates to exercise, is FUN!  Erin was a student of ours when she was itty bitty.  The past few summers she has come back to the school, A Small World, to teach.  I’ve got to admit, I had to get over the shock of “she’s all grown up and teaching MY children” .  It was really cool to be able to photograph her before she heads off to college!

So off we headed for a fun photo shoot to get some great shots of this beautiful college freshman.


A little attitude???




Erin, I had a fun time with you and your mom during our first photo shoot; it was nice to be able to get to know you more. You’ve got a bright future ahead of you and I’m excited to hear all about it, so keep me posted! 🙂  And I’m so glad that both your mom and dad wanted to come back for family portraits. I’m looking forward to getting together with you all to show you the rest. They’re awesome!!!

Here’s one of my favorite family portraits…not sure which caption to use:

“Happy holidays from our home to yours”
and this is dad speaking, “This is our new home since sending our daughter to college!”

Best of luck Erin, and keep in touch!



One response

23 08 2008

Ms. Pam you did it again. You took a terrific person and made them come to life through pictures. Ms. Erin is an outstanding young lady who knows where she’s going and where she came from. I must say I loved the caption and the piciture with her parents in the “new house since sending their daughter to college.” You always know where to take the best shots based upon the clients personality. Excuse their not just clients to you they are your Extended Family.
Keep taking those amazing pictures.
love, Tammy

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