Little Lennan…

3 09 2008

is a doll!!  I had so much fun last week photographing Lennan and his family.

His grandmother (she’s sooo young I find it hard to call her a grandmother) contacted me to ask me to photograph this sweet beautiful child.  I was ecstatic to meet him.  I had met his mommy and grandparents last year when I photographed his Aunt’s wedding and thoroughly enjoyed them all.  

This little darling has so many beautiful expressions.  I’m excited to share a few.  I really had a tough time narrowing down which images to highlight.  Here are some of my favorites.

Take a look at this face…

…and this adorable one…



Absolutely ADORABLE or WHAT??!!!!!…


Love it…

Such a happy baby…

When I spoke with Kathy, I asked her what Lennan was doing at this point of his life…he’s been working on his crawling. While I was there, he set his sights on the newspaper across the living room floor and off he went…

A Raven’s fan at age 6 months…

…a future MVP????…

Kitty cat portrait… 😀

Kathy, thanks so much for contacting me and giving me this privilege of meeting your newest family member. It was fantastic to see all of you. Hayley had a great time being my assistant and I appreciate your welcoming arms. Nick, whenever Hayley comes into my office and sees your images on the screen, she says “That’s the funny guy!” 😀

Colleen, keep enjoying your sweet little boy; he is such a joy and blessed to have a wonderful family to love him. You’re a great mommy.

I can not wait to meet your new addition in the fall. What a fantastic family portrait that will be.

Many thanks to you all. xoxo



One response

8 09 2008

goodness – what an adorable little guy! great job pam – some beautiful work there!

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