The Hardy girls…

25 09 2008

I was so excited about last Sunday.  I had 2 awesome families on my schedule that I was really looking forward to seeing again.  

The first was Mary and Olivia (hope you had a great time at the game Walter 😉 , we missed you) as well as her sister-in-law with her daughter.

I was thrilled to see Mary and surprised at how Olivia had grown since I’d last seen her.  Click here to see her last photo session…

So here we go, the girl’s grandmother bought them these adorable dresses so their mommies thought it would be a great idea to get some professional pictures of them together.  We had a great time both outside and in the studio.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

Love this one of the girls…catch the upside down sunglasses…


So, so, so, so cute…



Mary, thanks again for allowing me this awesome treat of photographing Olivia. Thanks also for introducing me to Noelle and Alexa. xoxo

And let me tell you Noelle, you are a gem.  These Hardy boys know how to pick good women.  It was a joy to meet you and Alexa.

I’m looking forward to seeing you next week and presenting all of your images to you.



One response

9 10 2008

As always i love seeing cute little Olivia! She is becoming quite the model!


PS… I haven’t forgotten about us pam, I love (and am addicted to) checking your site we’ll be in touch!

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