The beautiful family portrait

13 10 2008

for the Scibek family.

I just love this family. I’ve been friends with Shareen for a bzillion years now. She’s a beautiful, beautiful person. And Scott, you’re okay too! 😉 And then there’s their sweet, handsome boys!

Shareen and Scott wanted an updated family portrait; the last one we took was two years ago.  When we discussed their wants and needs, it was decided we’d get some studio shots as well as environmental.

I’ve got to say that this was honestly one of my easiest sessions that I’ve ever had. Easy and breezy!

I’m posting three different versions of their family portrait.  There were several that I liked.  

TO ANYBODY READING THIS:  I NEED YOUR HELP!  I’m updating my portrait walls in my studio and screening room.  One of these images will go into a large 24 x 30 frame.  I love them all for different reasons.  Leave a comment as to which is your favorite.  Anybody who votes in the comment section will have a chance to win a FREE PHOTO SHOOT.  Here’s what you need to do:  1- Leave a comment on my blog with your favorite choice.  2- Email me ( with your info: Name, email address, phone number, mailing address.  Each name will be entered to win.  I will announce the winner on my blog the week of November 3rd.  You do not need to choose the winning image in order to win, you just need to vote!! EVERYBODY who votes will be entered.

#1 Nice and traditional,  I love the harmony of it all….

#2 Anybody who knows me knows why I love this one…

#3 I just plain love environmental portraits…

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…

Shareen and Scott, thanks so much for this awesome privilege of photographing your family. Honestly, it was so fun and easy! I love seeing you all. I can’t wait to show you all of them.




17 responses

14 10 2008
Karen Werber

This is a tough choice on which is the best protrait b/c they are all beautiful but since I have to pick my favorite than I choose the outdoors/environment picture – it’s very full of life!

16 10 2008
Missy Meyers

Pam, Love all of the photo’s.. I have to say my favorite is #3 and my second favorite is #2. You did a wonderful job. I’m sure Scott & Shareen are very pleased! Missy

16 10 2008
dawn borkowski

It was a toss up between picture #2..the hugs and the outdoors. I have to say, the winner is….The Outdoors!! I love the “natural” look!! Beautiful pictures!!

16 10 2008
Sherri Mincher

I liked #3 the best- it looked more relaxed and fun. All the photos were really nice though. I also really liked the one of just Mom and Dad.

16 10 2008
Bonnie Rollins

I loved the enviromental picture as well. Fun loving and full of life describes this picture and this family. Great Shot.

16 10 2008
Shareen Scibek

Hi Pammy,

Wow, the pictures look beautiful. I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you for doing a awesome job 9:00 in the morning 🙂 We felt so relaxed with you and trusted your instinct of what looked good and what didn’t. I think I like Picture #2 the best. I can tell that I will be spending alot of time trying to pick the one’s we love.

You are the best!!

16 10 2008
Shareen Scibek

Preston and Grant vote for #3. They said “it’s the best”, “it’s awesome and it rules”! Grant says “she’s an awesome picture taker”. Preston says “she has neat ideas”.

16 10 2008
Becky Bozarth

I have to say that they are all beautiful portraits, but I like the outdoor one the best because it has 2 purposes- a family portrait and a beautiful photograph of nature. : ) Great job!

16 10 2008
charlie pelliccia

Wow i liked them all….number 1 was leading the race…..but im leaning towards number 4….hmmmm/// The outdoors one was awesome…if you can zoom in just a hair thats my pick

16 10 2008
Cassandra Fish

I love them all! They all turned out really good but my favorite is #3. I like the non traditional background.

17 10 2008

Number 1 is lovely, but too traditional for this outdoorsy, fun-loving family. Knowing them, I would pick Number 3. And like Charlie said, cropping a bit closer would be nice.

17 10 2008
Alison Hanson

Hey Pam,
Well you know me and the outdoors shoots. I am going with No. 3, they look like it was a day filled with family fun and memories. Great job! I have never met them, but they seem so at ease with each other and being outside.
Take Care,
Love Alie

17 10 2008
Mary Lu Batson

Hey Pam and Reen,
All the pics are great. Reen, you look awesome! I would like #3 the best if it was closer to their faces. In #1 everyone has great smiles on and looks great. #2 helps me to feel the closeness of the kids to each parent, but at the same time, it almost feels like there’s division with each child, something about Reen leaning away from Scott instead of toward. I don’t know, just thoughts. Great job, Pam!

20 10 2008

Wow…I think all of the pictures look GREAT! But, if I have to choose…# 3 is my favorite. I think the location is breathtaking, and suits their family perfectly. Shareen and Scott also look VERY good in their photo. Pam nice job!

23 10 2008

All look great, hard decision, but number 3 looks the most like what the family is about. I vote for #3

29 10 2008
Megan Howard

I pick 3…. 🙂

18 11 2008
mom & dad

We also like number 3, It suits them as a family.

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