Newborn portraits in the Studio

18 11 2008

with baby Finn.

I was extremely excited to meet Finn. Finn decided that he wanted to enter the world and meet his mommy and daddy a couple months early. He was 3 lbs, 11 oz and he and his family went through a lot of challenges for a few weeks, but just look at him now…

How about the love Jill and John have for this little one…



I LOVE this family portrait…

so, so sweet…


John comes from a family of watermen. He brought along a net, a crab and his cool waterman boots. So we created a little waterman set for Finn…

John and Jill, thanks sooooo much for this honor. I know it was a tough and very challenging time for you when Finn first arrived. You had so many prayers coming your way and they were answered as we had hoped. I am thrilled that I could create these beautiful images for you.

You know I had a blast with you all. I’m looking forward to showing you the rest. 🙂




3 responses

18 11 2008
Jen Crocker

Amazing! These pictures take my breath away! What a beautiful way to capture the beautiful gift God has given you!

20 11 2008

such sweet work Pam!! LOVE IT! and what a cute family!

20 11 2008
Renee B

These are beautiful pic’s. I absolutely love the crab picture; that brings back memories! Looking at these, it brings back memories of when your Mom brought you home. Glad to see things turned out well, and hope you all are getting some sleep!

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