Maternity session in the Studio…

20 12 2008

with Alicia and Gray.

I was totally looking forward to seeing this awesome couple again. They own Manna Bros Home Improvement and I met Gray earlier this year when he came and put a bid on finishing part of my basement for my client presentation room (and may I add did a fantastic job completing the project).  I photographed their wedding and loved the vibe they have with one another and with their families.

Look at how beautiful Alicia is…






Alicia, you are stunning, simply stunning…

Alicia and Gray, I am sooooooo excited to meet Dominic. I know you are going to make fantastic parents. You are such loving, gentle and FUN people, Dominic is blessed to be born with you as parents.
Thanks for having me catch this moment for you!




One response

21 12 2008
Karen M Scheldt

Gray and Alicia, it doesn’t get much better than this! Alicia, you are absolutely stunning in these photos. They exude love! I can’t wait to meet my nephew, Dominic! He gives me just one more reason to go shopping, which actually is my calling in life. I am so blessed to have such wonderful ‘babies’ in my family. Thank you for giving me my newest nephew! All my love, Karen

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