I wish you a HAPPY, HEALTHY and FABULOUS 2009!

6 01 2009

I want to thank you for a wonderful 2008. Many of you have emailed me with the most incredible sentiments and I appreciate every word you’ve shared with me. I love working hard for you and serving you to the best of my ability. To be able to take pictures for people and document incredible moments of their lives is a dream for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for trusting me to do this for you. Many of you have referred me to people and I have yet to even meet YOU! It’s amazing that you feel comfortable passing along my information and we’ve not yet met. I do not take that for granted, I appreciate your faith in me (and I hope to meet you soon). 🙂

To the couples that have chosen PLP to photograph your wedding this coming year, we will have a blast! I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and I appreciate you allowing me into this incredible and intimate moment of your life!

To my clients that have become part of my photographic family this past year, I hope you know how much I have enjoyed working with you and producing the images that evoke the emotion that I’ve seen from you. I strive to exceed your expectations in every possible way.  Thank you so very much for your referrals…not to sound cliche’, but there is no greater compliment!

And to the people that I will meet this year, let’s rock and roll and have a great time producing the images that you’d like hanging on your walls.


To all of the amazing photographers that give of your time, your talent and knowledge to share with those of us who are continually hungry to learn, thank you. I’ve attended some AMAZING one day workshops and seminars, a fantastic fun-filled, information-packed week long school, have bought numerous dvd’s from a wealth of different, talented photographers and attended a wide array of webinars. I’m honored to be involved in a career that is as tight as the photographic field. I’ve learned from so many these past couple of years and I’d like to mention them and give them a personal thank you. Michael Redford…a PHENOMINAL business person and amazing photographer, Mike ColonBob DavisSandy PucMike Larson, Scott Kelby, Eddie Tapp, Mary Fisk-TaylorJamie HayesDenis ReggieAlison BynumJeff and Julia WoodsNathan and Amber Holritz, David JayCorey McNabbHanson FongEd Pierce – one of the BEST and most thorough interviewers as well as accomplished photographer, The MARS school in Cape May, NJ.  In addition to all of the wonderfully talented photographers who keep amazing blogs, thanks for continuing to inspire.

Happy Happy 2009.  LET’S ROCK!



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