and Elder Mugleston

8 01 2009

So a few months ago Emily called me from Utah.  She works for and they were in need of a new “face” for their company. They held a contest and it brought in hundreds of letters, including one from Drew Mugleston’s sister.  After deciding the winner, it was announced that Elder Mugleston would be the new “face” on

Emily then went website searching for a photographer in the Columbia area; I was happy to hear that she liked what she saw on mine.  She hired me to get the shots that she needed.

It was a pleasure working Elder Mugleston.  Each time he was here, he had his companion elders with him.  What a great group of guys.  Their demeanor, manners, humor…just FANTASTIC!    You boys can come back ANYTIME!

Here are just a few images from Drew’s photo session…



Now, while Elder Mugleston did some primping 😉  , Elder Greenwood stood in to help me test the lights!

Quite a good looking group, don’t you think?

Here’s a picture of the billboard in Utah….they will be completing his face soon 🙂

Emily, thank you for hiring me; I truly appreciate your business. It was great to work with both you and Elder Mugleston. If you are ever in Maryland, please look me up. I’d love to have you come by and visit!

Mrs. Mugleston, I’m sure you are well aware of this but I have to say it anyway.  You’ve done a marvelous job raising Drew and his sisters; big kudos to you and your late husband.  Drew represents the good in life.  As a photographer I have to say that he worked so well on the set, I’ll take 20 of him anytime!  As a mom, I’ll say  I can only hope that my girls grow up with the confidence, manners, love for people and intelligence that your son displayed each time he was here.  He spoke so highly of you and his sisters.  You have a beautiful family.  I’m honored to have met and worked with your son; I hope to one day do so again.

And to Elder Harmon, Elder Navarro, Elder Clayton, Elder Greenwood and Elder Borup you are welcome back anytime!  Honestly, you helped keep the set fun and real.  I know Elder Mugleston is glad that you all accompanied him.  Thanks for coming out.



5 responses

8 01 2009
Anne Hillstead

Pam – This is Drew’s older sister, Anne who nominated him! I just wanted to say hello and tell you that you take beautiful pictures! It’s been so fun to see your work and how this whole thing has come together on Who would have thought?! 🙂

Thank you for your help and your kindness!

Anne Hillstead (Gilbert, AZ)

6 03 2009
Cathy Rowe

Hello, Wow these are great pictures of Drew, I have sent him things on his mission and letters to maryland. So if any one knows when Drew’s Birthday is please email me soon and let me know, I would like to mail him a Birthday Card, Today is March 6 2009, So e mail me and let me know. I am very proud of the strenght he has shown, and good character too. this is my e mail.

14 06 2009
Cathy Rowe

I would love to have a picture of Drew, I have tried to give him my personal experience and support on his mission, I would like to have at least a wallet size picture of him. you can mail it to this address, C Rowe p.o. box 11769 Blacksburg Va, 24062. Thanks

11 08 2009

ok guy be wise in your mission i’m old missionnarie from madagascar my name is Tsiry i hope do all the best in your mission always keep the comitement ok this my mail box msg me guiy bye cheer’up!!!

14 11 2010

i wanna marry him. what do i do next?

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