The Homas new family…

27 01 2009

Jay and Meghan welcomed sweet little Anna in December. A few weeks later they came over for her newborn portraits and oh my gosh, is she a little sweetie.

Meghan had THE MOST CHALLENGING pregnancy of anyone I’ve ever known. She handled it with grace and tenacity all while keeping a very positive attitude. As with most pregnant women, her maternal instincts took over immediately after learning of her pregnancy and she did everything possible to ensure her baby was well taken care of. She was challenged on so many occasions and by the time Anna was born, she and Jay had already won the Parents of the Year award. I admire their perseverance, their steadfastness, and their ability to keep their eye on the “prize”. And what a beautiful little prize she is.

I am so excited to showcase sweet Anna…

Jay’s grandmother made this blanket for Jay’s baby TEN years ago! How sweet is that? You can tell that Anna loves it.

Doesn’t she wear motherhood well…


Jay is such a cute daddy…


Check out these little tootsies wrapped in great grandma’s blankie…



Hot mama…

Jay and Meghan, you know how I feel about you. I am thankful that Anna is in your lives. She is one lucky little girl to have you both as parents. Keep on loving each other and your sweet little bundle cuteness.

Thanks for giving me this honor of documenting her first month!



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