My baby turns 4!

22 03 2009

We celebrated Lexi’s 4th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I just can’t believe how quickly the time passes us by.

We had a great time.  Nonnie and Poppu came and stayed with us for a few days.  Lexi’s friends from the neighborhood and classroom came and partied with us.  Turner, the Dean of Magic performed for the kids and he was FABULOUS!  His magic show is SOOOOO entertaining (not only for kids but us bigger kids too!) and he does terrific face painting and great balloons sculptures too.  If you ever are in need of great entertainment for children, look him up.

I can’t post pictures of the adorable kids that celebrated with Lexi because I didn’t ask their parents, but here are some of my favorites from her 4th birthday.



Look at the speed of his hand….

Nope, nothing up his sleeve…

The birthday girl was a little shy and didn’t want to “assist”, so big sis Hayley volunteered…

Lexi and her friends REALLY enjoyed the Dean’s magic…




A little apprehensive about all of the attention as she thinks about blowing out her candles, then… problem!

We’re glad that our families and Lexi’s friends could come and celebrate with us. We are so very blessed to have this beautiful, sweet little girl as our daughter. I’m grateful every day that she is in our lives and am thrilled to be her mommy. We have the 2 sweetest girls in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!



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