Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

15 06 2009

Lisa found me through a google search and contacted me for family portraits.  She wanted her sisters and brother-in-law in a group portrait for her parents.  I could tell from our emails and phone conversations that this was going to be a fun group to photograph.

Their parents live in Ellicott City and they wanted outdoor portraits from somewhere in the area.  Patapsco State Park was the first location that popped into my  head.  It’s always a scenic location no matter the time of year.  Lisa told me they were adventurous so they wouldn’t mind walking……little did they know……heck, little did I know 😛

Johnny assisted me and we had a great time with this family…a fantastic group of gorgeous sisters and one handsome husband.  

Here are  just a few of my group favorites…




A fun silhouette of Anthony and Jami…
Lisa, Jami, Anthony, Laura and Maria – Johnny and I really enjoyed walking and talking with you and oh yah, photographing you too!  I love the spirit that you all seem to share.  You are a great group of individuals and it was a pleasure hanging out with you for the afternoon. As Johnny simply put it, “They are good people!!” Thanks so much for finding me!!

I’m looking forward to showing you all of your pictures!



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