Kaci and John – Wedding Slideshow

26 06 2009

As I collected the images for Kaci and John’s slideshow, it brought joy to my heart. Their love is deep. Kaci has a beautiful smile, her face lights up when she laughs. John adores her. They are great together.

Click here to view their blogpost.


Enjoy your love, your laughter and your lives together.




3 responses

27 06 2009
sharon lonsdale

Pam, these are just beautiful! Your artistry is amazing….beautiful pictures, beautiful day, beautiful subjects! Thank you…..s. lonsdale

28 06 2009

Pam, These just arent gorgeous photographs, you have captured a beautiful love story! 🙂 What a FABULOUS evening!!

11 08 2009

Pam, As always I don’t know these beautiful people that you photographed but, I still feel like I was part of the wonderful event. When I veiw any of you slide show the bring me to tears I feel like you are telling a beutiful love story through picture with no words required. Pam your amazing. Keep doing what you do best.

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