I have only 9 slots open! Call now for this fantastic opportunity!

25 02 2010

Awesome announcement!!!
I’m thrilled to announce that Pam Long Photography is, once again, participating in the International Charity Model Search to raise funds for the non-profit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation. (NILMDTS.org). Last year we searched for America’s Cutest Child. I was thrilled that all of the children that we photographed placed in the top 10 in Maryland! This year we will raise money while voting for America’s Cutest Family!! Call our office at 410.719.0405, we have only 9 slots left.

Are you like me??
Each morning I wake up wondering where the time has gone. My children are only 5 and 6 but it seems like only yesterday when I was holding them in my arms wondering if I was swaddling them just right, wiping dribble from their chins, feeding them at all hours of the night, teaching them to potty in the toilet, to tie their shoes, to use their manners (okay, so that is a continual job!). Now they are doing their own homework, coming up with creative, new games, and making friends without needing mommy or daddy’s encouragement! I just finished photographing another High School senior and I heard what I always hear, “They grow up soooo fast!”, “We haven’t had professional portraits since they were little; I wish we had taken more!”.

“Our experience with Pam Long was very comforting. She has a way of making everyone feel at ease and happy. We even had our little puppy and dog in the shots! Her positive attitude and cheerful enthusiasm for her art shows through her photos. Pam also really listened to us in what we wanted. She offered helpful tips to make our vision even better.” The Hansen family

Don’t wait until you look ‘just right’!
If you’re anything like me, you say to yourself, “I’m going to wait until I lose a few more pounds….until my hair grows out….until I get my hair cut….when I find the time”. Don’t wait, your children don’t care what you look like. They care that they have tangible memories. When they are older and showing their children the family portraits of when they were little, they will be filled with wonderful memories of those times in their lives when they were growing up!

An excuse to get together with your siblings!
Are you an adult juggling your daily demands of life and aren’t able to see your parents and/or siblings as much as you’d like? You don’t need to be ‘married with children’ to participate in America’s Cutest Family! Use this promotion as an extra reason to get together with your family!  Make an afternoon or evening of it and have lunch or drinks after having fun taking portraits (yes, it’s FUN!!).

“Our experience having our large (26 members) family having a photo session just two days prior to Christmas was, to say the least – one of the best days ever – and we often talk about what a warm and happy memory this has become in our family. Our picture is perfect – we were having such a good time that it shows in the picutre. Every time I look at the picture on the wall, I smile remembering that day! Thank you Pam!” Mrs. DeLalla

This is the time to take advantage of my special offer NOW!
Many exciting prizes will be awarded, and the grand prize winner receives a new car!

Model Search Special:
$65.00 entrance fee includes a 30-minute session and one image submitted to the national gallery.
Finalists will be determined by online votes. Each vote is $1 (no limit on the amount of votes you can cast), and all proceeds from votes benefit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS.org).

Grand prize international winner will be determined from the 52 city finalists. The winners will be selected from the finalist gallery by photography and modeling industry experts. The winning family also receives a session with the renowned portrait artist Sandy Puc’ and international recognition.
*Contest open to residents of the US and Canada. For more information, visit http://sandypucmodels.com/.

YOU win because you get a wonderful family portrait at more than 1/2 off the session fee and special collection pricing.
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep WINS because we’ll be raising money for them through our votes.
PLP wins because I get to hang out with and photograph you!
I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. Let’s have fun while making new memories for your family!
Call 410.719.0405 now to enter your family in this exciting contest. I have only 9 more slots open.  Appointments will be taken on a first call, first serve basis.




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