Family portraits…

2 08 2010

for this beautiful (almost) one year old and her brothers!

You may remember last year I posted hospital pictures of big brothers meeting their baby sister for the first time. CLICK HERE to check them out.

Here is a new slideshow of the family meeting sweet Mary Elizabeth for the first time. CLICK HERE for the slideshow.

Check out gorgeous Jen and her beautiful children…

And I just had to post this cute photo of her almost one year old. Mary Elizabeth has so many adorable expressions, and a beautiful smile, but this one is way too cute…..

I will be posting more later, but I wanted to get a couple out there for you.

Thanks, Jen!  I had such a great time with you all.  Your boys are beyond adorable and so sweet to their baby sis!  And honestly, I could’ve stayed all day and continued photographing Mary Elizabeth.  She’s so stinkin’ cute and full of expressions!  I love you all!  We’ll get Bill next time, right?!




7 responses

2 08 2010
Marie Seals

Pam, Beautiful! I love the hospital pictures of the boys meeting her for the first time it put a smile on my face

2 08 2010

What a gorgeous family!! BEAUTIFUL work Pam!! Hope your summer is great!

2 08 2010
Maryann Militello

I never get tired of looking at these beautiful pictures of this beautiful family! Of course, they always bring tears to my eyes because they capture the love that shows in all of them. God bless Jen, Bill, William, Ford and Mary Elizabeth.

2 08 2010
Sally Wiley

Jen, you have always been beautiful since you were a baby and your children are just as beautiful. I love you and yours very much.

Aunt Sally

3 08 2010

What is so striking about the entire family is their smiles. Such a beautiful family and I am so happy to be part of it. Every time I visit, I leave with a smile…..These photographs are amazing and capture them so well. Bravo.


3 08 2010
Pam Long

Thank you for checking out their photos and for taking the time to leave a comment. They are such a beautiful family, both inside and out.

3 08 2010
Aunt Dianne

Jen & Bill, what a beautiful family. How lucky can one person get to be a part of this lovely family. Can’t stop looking at you and your family, they always bring a smiles into my life. Thank you!!!

Love you,
Auntie Dianne

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