Custom Photo Jewelry {Howard County Photographer}

16 05 2011

I’ve always been very picky about the items that I offer my clients and with whom I choose as my photography vendors. As a newborn photographer, children’s photographer, family photographer and wedding photographer, I need to know that my client’s products will last for generations. I wasn’t crazy about offering photo jewelry in the past because I hadn’t seen anything that warranted my attention. Last year I found some pieces from one of my labs and I was really impressed. Shortly thereafter, I found  Kotori Photo Jewelry and not that I make a habit of falling in love with things,  but I did this time.  With total confidence, Kotori Jewelry is my answer to offering a new wonderful product for my clients.  I know that when my clients order jewelry from me, not only will they love wearing it now, but also years from now it’ll still look fantastic!

You can imagine my excitement when I went to Kotori’s website the other day and saw my babies (okay, ages 6 & 7 are not babies, but you know what I mean 🙂 ) on their home page!  Thank you, Tonya!

John and Tonya are the owners of Kotori Photo Jewelry and I had the pleasure of meeting them in January.  They are so in tuned with what photographers are looking for when offering good, high quality products to their clients. I really appreciate that. I’m super excited about being able to offer this wonderful line of jewelry to my clients. Thank you, John and Tonya, for your  high quality jewelry, your creativeness and your exceptional customer service! 🙂

Here’s just an example of part of what Kotori has to offer, here’s a screen shot of their bracelets.

Click here to check out their website to see their full line. Fellow photographers, they offer some phenomenal sample packages, be sure to check them out, you will NOT be disappointed!

So, women, I see a win-win opportunity in your future!  You can purchase a gift certificate for your man for Father’s Day for some custom cuff links or keychain! and then he’ll purchase the photo session you’ve been dreaming about!   Stay tuned for some details coming up next week!

Have a fantastic day!



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