#ShopSmall in Historic Ellicott City!

28 11 2015

Let’s face it, nobody likes driving around a busy parking lot, looking for a space to park only to find one and somebody from the opposite direction snags it from you. 😦 This time of year you aim to get somewhere early to avoid blowing though half a tank of gas driving around…and around…and around the parking lots looking for that one empty space.  Well, Historic Ellicott City has a solution for you!

Do you know about the stairs that connect Main Street to the Courthouse Parking lot?  It’s as if a new parking garage was built without the nuisance of a new parking garage being built! 🙂     Thank you, Lyndsey, for helping me showcase the Ellicott City Stairs!                                        Ellicott City Stairs Steps to Courthouse Pam Long Photography

These stairs lead you to hassle free parking! Located upper Main, behind the The Ellicott Mills Brewing Company and close to The Wine Bin, the stairs serve as a great solution to parking challenges and may be used in the evening and weekends. Gone are your parking issues! Now you can easily support your local small businesses knowing that you’ll have plenty of parking on weekends!

Check out how fast you can get to Main Street when you park at the Courthouse:

Along with the newer parking option, Historic Ellicott City has several different parking areas along with street parking. You can find the specific lots listed here.

Here’s Howard County Councilman, District 1, Jon Weinstein and Howard County’s County Executive, Allan Kittleman, at the top of the stairs (nobody was blinded by the sun in the making of this photo 🙂 ).

Ellicott City stair Kittleman Weinstein Pam Long Photography

Ellicott City’s Historic District is a wonderful shopping destination with a diverse offering of goods, services and restaurants and is home to a thriving art community.  You can find a list of businesses and events here.

Rachel Rawlings, manager of Salon Marielle, 8239 Main Street, shared with me, “Our salon guests love having the option of parking at the courthouse and taking the stairs. Especially during busier times like during our wonderful festivals. It’s a beautiful view and walk down from the top of town.”

Our charming town provides a plethora of choices for you and you’ll be certain to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

A Journey From Junk shopping Ellicott City Pam Long Photography

Evenings are magical, come on down to shop or dine!

Night Historic Ellicott City Pam Long Photography

Many great shops and boutiques, art galleries, antiques and collectibles, a diverse shopping experience for everyone!

Ellicott City Main Street Howard House Pam Long Photography

Shopping Historic Ellicott City Photographer Pam Long Photography studio Howard County

Ellicott City Main Street shopping Pam Long Photography

Howard County’s Welcome Center is part of our Main Street community. This photo is from last year’s tree lighting ceremony at Midnight Madness.  Be sure to catch it this year on Friday, December 4th!                                         MIdnight Madness Tree Lighting Historic Ellicott City Pam Long Photography

So, head on down to Main Street in Ellicott City, support small businesses and don’t forget, parking is easy peasy!

When you’re on the stairs, be sure to take a selfie, use  #ECstairselfies and perhaps you’ll be added to the Instagram page! 🙂


Here’s how Richard Ellsberry, an Ellicott City resident, feels about the addition of the stairs, “For me, any long-term solid infrastructure is a good thing, and those stairs are going to be there in a hundred years. They look great & help with storm water management.”

Not only do these stairs help us by providing an entire new parking option, but as Richard mentioned, they have a phenomenal other purpose. Check out this amazing video, made by Cecilia Lane!

Shop Small Ellicott City Pam Long Photography

Shuttle Service today too!

Shop Small Historic Ellicott City Pam Long Photography

Head to Historic Ellicott City and #ShopSmall! Have fun!


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