Pet photography

3 07 2009

is sooooo much fun!  I would never consider myself a “pet photographer”. Of course I’ve taken portraits of pets while I’m at their home taking family portraits, either including them in the family portrait or having them go solo once I’m done with the family or quickly swinging the camera around when I can tell they are curiously watching me from behind.  But I’ve never been called on to go on location specifically for pet portraits.  So when {M} contacted me and asked me to come take her dog’s portraits I was excited yet also a little apprehensive.  What if I couldn’t capture their “personality”, what if they run off, what if……YIKES!

{M} is one of those people that you wonder if she ever has a bad day. She is one of the nicest and kindest people that I’ve met. And these traits have been passed on to each of her children. The warmth that Mary emanates runs through her children, their spouses and her grandchildren; truly a great set of people. ♥ ♥

During our conversations, I learned the {M’s} main goal was to capture the dogs in their environment on the grounds of their home.  She explained that they were older now and not doing so well. They’d like a large canvas hanging on one of the walls in their great room.  These dogs mean a lot to {M} and her husband and I hope they like what I have to show them.







{M} thank you so much for having me out; it’s always great to be around you. Your dogs were sooooooo fun to photograph. I’m sorry I missed {D}, please tell him hello.




One response

4 07 2009

Beautiful pictures, Pam! (As always.)

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