The making of a music video…

3 03 2014

or actually 4 music videos!

I had the great pleasure of spending a special evening with the uber talented Lauren Ruth Ward.  Lauren was performing a couple of her original songs, as well as a couple of covers, to create new music videos.

The filming took place at one of Ellicott City’s finest salons, Ooh La Lal, located in Historic Ellicott City.   We met after the salon closed and Joe Austin and Nick Hughes from Wolf Stream Media were on hand filming her.  They were meticulous while setting up the scene for the videos.  Joe and Nick went to work immediately, setting up their gear and creating the ambience that they and Lauren had discussed.

Lauren’s talent is off the charts, registering at about infinity!  Yes, infinity!  Her sound is ‘soulsy’ (if that’s a word), folky, rich, unique and just INCREDIBLE!  The lyrics of her original songs are emotional, dramatic, thought provoking. Please check out her YouTube page by clicking HERE   Lauren is an amazing, talented women.  On a personal note, she’s is a caring, beautiful, person with an immense passion for life.  I hope you take a moment to enjoy her sound, talent and vibe.

Lauren is excited about her next venture.  She was recently signed with Copeland Entertainment, a cutting edge boutique Personal Management Company. “I feel like it’s a new beginning and I have a lot of good vibes about it.  I’ve never been more focused, it’s easy to pursue something when you have somebody who believes in you and has the resources to make it all come together.  Life is but a dream.”

And I agree with Lauren, believing in yourself, and having others believe in you is immensely important.  Do you want to be successful?  Yes??  Then surround yourself with successful and positive people.  I see it in kids my daughter’s ages and, of course, with adults, that it seems real easy to be mean and spiteful and to try to tear people down, and I don’t understand that, never will!  Lauren is on her way with a terrific mentor and manager.  Dianne is a partner in Lauren’s life that is really going to help Lauren showcase her incredible talents. Thank you, Dianne! 🙂

Lauren, I believe in you and can not wait to watch as your career totally and completely blooms into more than you can imagine.

Go get ’em!  Much love and success to you.

Here’s one of the music videos created that evening by Joe and Nick….

female musician soul Maryland photographer

behind the scenes making a video Maryland musician Howard County photographer Ellicott City singer musician Maryland photographer  female singer Ellicott City photographer Maryland female singer Howard County photographer Maryland videographer Ellicott City photographer performer Ellicott City talent

Following are some photos of Lauren being Lauren.  You see, Lauren is not only a talented singer, songwriter, performer, but is also a model.  She’s sought after by many photographers.  We, along with other photographers, LOVE working with Lauren.  This particular day, Lauren just wanted to be Lauren.  She wanted her inner soul and spirit to show.  Natural, down to earth, vulnerable, her.  So these are just a few of what we created together.  Her inner beauty along with her outer beauty continually outshine each other.  Thank you, Lauren. xoxo

Lauren Ruth Ward singer Howard County Maryland photographer Lauren Ruth Ward being herself Ellicott City photographer Historic Ellicott City phtoographer

Lauren Ruth Ward fashion model Howard County Maryland photographer Fashion model Ellicott City photographer

Fashion photographer Ellicott City photography studio Fashion model Maryland photographer Pam Long

Howard County high school senior photographer Howard County Maryland Howard County photographer Lauren Ruth Ward female performer Lauren Ruth Ward Pam Long Photography Ellicott City photography studio


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