Welcome home, Max!

4 09 2010

While most people were celebrating with joy during the July 4th weekend, this family was mourning the loss of their dog, Tootsie.  She was a beautiful dog and a family member to the Lopez family for many years. She is missed dearly.

Eventually mom started visiting the Animal Welfare Society in Howard County to check out other doggies.  She wasn’t anxious to adopt another dog but thought if she saw one that seemed right for them, there might be a possibility of a new family member.  In time,  one caught her eye.  She brought her son the next time to check him out.  She went back to start the adoption process only to find out that someone else had already begun the adoption on that dog.

She returned several times, keeping an open mind and open heart…and then…there he was…Max!  It was evident that Max really wanted to go home with Sarah and her son, Tito.  Not only did Sarah notice Max, but  when she returned another day, Max remembered Sarah and got her attention how ever he could! 🙂

This guy is soooooooooo cute.  I had the honor of documenting their day as Sarah and Tito picked Max up from his temporary home, took him to his appointment at PetSmart for his shampoo, blow dry and teeth brushing and then to his new and permanent home.  What a joy to watch Tito fall in love with Max, referring to him as “my buddy” and taking complete ownership in his care.  He is so proud of his buddy Max!

Here is Tito’s buddy, Max. Walking out of the animal shelter and into Tito’s life…

Home, Max is HOME!!

This image warms my heart…

I hope you enjoy this slideshow of special moments from The Day in the Life of Max…..


Sarah and Tito, thank you so much for allowing me to hang out all day with you to capture these special moments.

Hayley and Lexi, thanks for being great little helpers so I could do this for Max and his family.  Special thanks to Hayley for videotaping part of the day!


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