Kristen and Jeff…

29 02 2008

Just look at them…aren’t they cute…

…and in love…

I had so much fun with Kristen and Jeff during their e-session. An added joy was Mason, Jeff’s son…

…he’s a sweetie.

We had a fun game of family ball going on…

Kristen and Jeff, it was my pleasure hanging out with you. You are cute, fun, kind, sexy, loving and caring people. June is going to be a fantastic month for you; the start of your new life together. Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your special moments for you, I’m looking forward to more.

Mary and Walter, thanks so much for your referral. You’ve got some great friends! xo

Meghan and her girls check out their dresses…

27 02 2008

Meghan is one of my brides that I’m able to photograph this year.  She’s one of those people that you can’t decide if she’s more beautiful on the outside or inside; it’s truly a toss up.  She’s gorgeous as well as one of the nicest, friendliest and sweetest people you’ll meet. 

She had previously told me about Julia Elena, the woman who owns the dress shop, Casa Mauricio,where she found her wedding gown.  I couldn’t wait to meet this lady; Meghan had spoken so highly of her.  Click here to read a terrific article about Julia Elena.

Once I got my equipment out of the car, I was met by her mom, Pat, in the parking lot.  First I thought it was Meghan, then I thought it must be her sister.  I’m not sucking up, I honestly thought that!  She’s beautiful too and looks soooo young!

We made it into Julia Elena’s shop and I could tell right away why Meghan was so stoked about this place and the owner.  It was fabulous experience!  Julia Elena welcomed us with open arms and was accomodating, warm hearted and definately knowledgable.  (*Note to all brides, if  you don’t already have your dress for yourself or your wedding party, definately check her out!!)

Meghan has some awesome people standing up for her when she marries Jay.  I was able to meet 3 of them that morning.  Erin, Caitlin and Jessica are fantastic friends to Meghan and a pure blast.   Hopefully they will loosen up and learn to feel comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding 😉 …

We’re too sexy for our dress, too sexy…

Julia Elena looks on as “Meghan’s Angels” strike a pose…

I wish I could post tons of pictures of Meghan from the dress fitting, but obviously I can’t show her off in her wedding dress, but we really got some great shots that I can’t wait to share with her. In the meantime, here’s a great picture of Meghan (middle), Julia Elena, Erin, Caitlin and Jessica…

Thanks ladies for showing me what you’re all about. It was great being with you all.

Meghan, Tracy and I are looking forward to capturing your wedding day memories for you and Jay. You are an amazing couple with a fantastic future ahead of you and I’m honored to be able to witness the beginning of your new life together!

I’m looking forward to your engagement session!!


NYC Party of 3

24 02 2008

I received an email from Mike Larson last November (I know, I’m just now catching up with my blogposts from the busy holiday season!).  He was going to have a small workshop in New York City in the beginning of December and wanted to give me a heads up.  I was thrilled with the possibility to gain knowledge from him again.  He had previously flown out from California in October to share with the Washington and Baltimore PUGs (Pictage User Groups).  He was fresh, insightful and positive.

I was able to work it out and am so thankful that I could. 

Mike shared his time, ideas and knowledge with Lloyd, a photographer from NJ  (his site isn’t live yet),  and Stephen a photographer from Florida  and me! 

Mike shares studio space with Present Focus on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on the 27th floor of a highrise.  Here’s the view from the balcony…

It had been a couple of years since I’d been to the city, I miss it and LOVE IT!!

Here’s a picture of the late afternoon sky…INTENSE!!!

The winds were moving at about a gzillion mph.  We almost tied ourselves to the railing on the balcony just to take the pictures!!

Photography is more than snapping great pictures.  It’s a constantly evolving profession.  Lighting, posing, camera operations, exposure, color temperatures,  post processing, marketing, product research, learning how to be efficient,  accounting, public relations, customer relations, training….the list goes on.  If you want to be a real pro in this field it takes huge commitment in regards to both time and money.  I have a genuine passion for this medium and I’m thankful that there are others who are willing to share from their experiences.  Mike is one of them.  He’s traveled the miles to help others, all with integrity and great character.  Thanks Mike, you are truly appreciated.

Thanks also to KISS Wedding Books and California Sunbounce for sponsoring this workshop.  The cost of this learning experience was really reasonable, partly due to them.

Handsome brothers…

24 02 2008

I received an email from Tammy, the mother of a high school senior, asking me to take her son’s pictures.  He had senior pictures taken last summer, but he’d grown quite a bit since then.  I enjoyed our phone conversation; Tammy seemed like a really cool mom and a smart and fun person.  She’s great friends with someone near and dear to me so there was an instant connection.

Tammy greeted me in her driveway with a hug…a welcoming, warm hearted person…right up my alley.  They live in a beautiful home out in the country and I was really glad that the weather people were wrong…again 😉 …it was a nice sunny day instead of a cold rainy one!  We had great natural light coming through their windows. (Okay…it did start to drizzle when we were outside taking the soccer pictures) 😀

Christopher graduates this year…

How ’bout these handsome guys…

Christopher has played soccer for years. Both he and Ryan demonstrated for me their ‘juggling’ abilities. They both rocked. Here’s Christopher…

Tammy, it was so fun coming out and photographing your boys.  Thanks for trusting me with this great honor!  Christopher and Ryan, you did a great job and I know deep down inside, you didn’t mind, right????? 😀

And let’s not forgot cute little Oreo…

and Amber…

Tracy, thanks so much for referring me to Tammy.  xoxo

Mom and son…

23 02 2008

I had such a great time last Saturday.  I had 3 really fun photo shoots. 

The first shoot started in my studio with Kathy and her adorable son.  He really did a great job having fun in front of the camera.

Here are a couple of my favorites…


What a doll…

Kathy, thank you for allowing me this honor. It was so much fun watching the interaction between you two.

Goodnight Moon…

21 02 2008

Tonight we were able to witness the Lunar Eclipse!!!  It was awesome.  It seems whenever there’s been an eclipse in the past, I couldn’t see it due to….the weather….or time of night….or too many clouds in the sky…or I forgot  😀 .

Thanks to my mom giving me a quick call to remind me, I was able to grab the camera and tripod and take some pictures until the moon was fully tucked in.

Here are several shots of the moon taken between 9 and 10pm as the earth passed between it and the sun.

Using a slower shutter speed allows you to see more of the moon beneath the shadow…

If you weren’t able to catch it tonight, be sure to check it out in 2010!!

Kudos korner…

15 02 2008

When I received the call from Andrea, the director at my girl’s Child Care Center, telling me that Hayley’s chin might need medical attention, I thought to myself…self….I’m sure they are just being safe, she’s okay.   Well, she was okay.  She was quietly and bravely holding a towel and ice to her chin.  Her spirit was okay, under her chin….not so much.  

I instantly felt like an ignorant mother, not knowing where to take her to get checked out….take her to her doctor or to the ER?  So of course I called her doctor’s office.  The office staff and medical team at Dr. Parnes and May have been awesome since our first visit,  days after Hayley was born.  They have heard the full capacity of the inner lungs of both of my girls…octaves higher than ever imaginable.  The minute one of my sweeties hears the crinkle of the paper that lays over the exam bed….watch out, it’s all over.

Today was different.  When Hayley fell, she didn’t cry.  When she waited in the office with Andrea and Laura (thanks ladies for your help), she didn’t cry.  The drive to the doctor’s office, she didn’t cry.  During her exam with Dr. May, nope, no tears.

I thought the tears would start when Dr. May used the “s” word…stitches.   Yikes! But no tears!! 

When we got to Howard County General Hospital, they were quick and efficient.  Within minutes, we were in the pediatric emergency care.  Everyone was AWESOME.  A super special thank you to Renee and Dr. Aggarwal.  Our experience could not have been better under the circumstances.  Renee was fantastic with Hayley…she helped us pick out a movie, got us a snack, explained so nicely to Hayley what would happen and how it would happen, she even brought Hayley a cute little stuffed animal.  She also, while holding Hayley’s head in place, told Hayley what was going on with the Peter Pan movie while Hayley was in a position where she couldn’t watch for herself. 

Dr. Aggarwal was terrific and precise with his stitching….and had a GREAT bedside manner.  I asked him since he had the needle and thread out,  if he could do an eye and/or brow lift on me but he only works on patients under 18!!  😉   Heck, when I was under 18, I didn’t need the work!  😀 Thanks Dr. for taking such care with our Hayley, Johnny and I appreciate you.

Honestly, I never want to have one of my daughter’s hurt EVER again, but if we should need to bring them to a hospital again, Howard County General Hospital is tops on my list.

Here’s Hayley with Renee before being discharged…

Johnny and Hayley grabbed a ride on the carousel…
(The pictures are from my iPhone,  not the best quality, but still okay.) 

We then headed to Chick-fil-A for a very special treat, a yummy Cookies and Cream milkshake…and of course, no tears there either.

Thank you to Dr. May at Parnes and May and to Renee and Dr. Aggarwal at Howard County General Hospital.

Having a baby…

11 02 2008

is beautiful. Once again, I’ve had the great honor this week of photographing an expectant couple.

Janelle and Dwayne are going to welcome their baby into their family in April.  She’s a gorgeous mommy-to-be and Dwayne was so sweet (yet studly 😉 ) .


We had a great time while working all sorts of fun poses…



Here, Dwayne tries to put me out of a job… 😀

Janelle and Dwayne, thanks again for having fun in the studio with me; I really enjoyed working with you. I’m looking forward to meeting Cameron and photographing your new family.  You’re great people and I know Jaeden will be a super big brother.

Laura, thanks so much for referring me. 🙂

Maternity portraits…

10 02 2008

…for Kelly and Skeeter. 

I was so excited to document this awesome time in Kelly and Skeeter’s life.  They will become first time parents next month to a lucky baby boy. 


I met the proud parents-to-be last summer when I photographed Kelly’s sister’s wedding.  I just love this entire family.   Their baby is being born into a fun, loving, warm, welcoming, generous and fantastic family. 

How beautiful is this soon-to-be mommy…

The happy couple…

Kelly and Skeeter, you were so much fun to hang out with and to photograph.  This baby is very blessed to have you as parents. Thanks so much for giving me this awesome honor.  I’m really looking forward to meeting Jackson in February.

Dance Allie, dance…

4 02 2008

I had so much fun with Allie.  She loves to dance.  Tammy, her mom, told me that whenever she would check out my website, Allie would tell her that she wanted to dance like Hayley.  Hayley, my sweet daughter,  is the ‘ballerina’ on the slideshow on my website.

As a special birthday present for Allie’s daddy, Tammy wanted to give Scott a special picture of Allie dancing.  We had a really fun photo shoot.  Lights, camera, music, action….

Rock on ballerina…

Every good dancer knows when to take a break…

NOW we’re shy??!!! 😉

After the studio shoot, we went outside to continue the fun. Here, my girls join Allie for a hillside version of Ring Around the Rosie…

Tammy, thanks so much for allowing me the great joy of creating Scott’s birthday present. I’m glad that he liked the pictures so much. You’re a beautiful and great person with a terrific family. You and Allie were awesome to photograph, thanks for the fun!

I’m looking forward to the family portraits!