Catch our very special “Celebration of Smiles Day” Fundraiser on April 28th!

10 04 2018


It’s time to update your portrait!!

Pam Long Photography is participating in a very special fundraiser on Saturday, April 28, 2018. We will be hosting “Celebration of Smiles”, a wonderful opportunity for you to update individual portraits of your family members and at the same time support the work of Operation Smile.

Recording the smiles of children and their families is one of our greatest pleasures. That’s why we believe so strongly in the work of Operation Smile. Each year, this incredible organization of more than 5,000 volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists and specialized health care professionals, perform free reconstructive surgeries for children suffering from cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial conditions.

A $24 donation is all it takes to have your individual portrait taken and to receive a 5×7 desk portrait! Each surgical procedure costs $240. So for every 10 people we photograph, a child receives the much-needed surgery!  Will you take advantage of this awesome offer and help these beautiful children? We’d like to raise enough money so that at least three children can receive surgical care from these incredible healthcare professionals. At Pam Long Photography, we only discount our session fees or products when we are fundraising. On Saturday, April 28th, you have the opportunity to receive a free 5×7 desk print for a minimum of $24 donation! That’s almost 1/5 of our normal price! And it all goes to this charity. And you don’t pay a session fee!  Hello?! What are you waiting for? Let’s have fun together recording YOUR smiles and raising money so those incredible children can smile too!

I love what Dr. Bill Magee and his wife, Kathy have to say about why they founded Operation Smile. I hope you take a moment to read their story, found here.

I hope you will join us Saturday, April 28th!  Contact us now, be amongst those 30 people!



Do I need to reserve my time? YES, absolutely! When we host these fundraisers, time slots fill quickly. We will reserve the time on our calendar that best suits your schedule and you will pay the donation fee(s) at that time. Example: If there are three people in your family participating in the fundraiser, we will reserve the 20-minute time slot and collect the $72 donation. Please keep in mind, first come, first served. Again, appointments will fill quickly!

What should we wear?  Great question. We will send you our special Tips and Suggestions to help guide you in preparing for your headshot!

Do we get to choose which photo we want or do you choose it for us? Of course! YOU get to view and choose which one(s) you’d like. Immediately after your session, you’ll see your images on the big screen and our staff will help you make your selections.

Do we choose the background? For this free session, we’ve chosen for it you. Our regular custom headshot sessions are designed specifically for your individual needs and can include a variety of backgrounds, including the beautiful outdoors. For this session, we are using a black background. For an extra charge, our retoucher can ‘extract’ you from the background, making it extremely easy to choose any digital background you may need. As a thank you for participating in this incredible fundraiser, you will receive a gift certificate for $25 off of a custom headshot session to use in the future.

Thank you for the gift of a 5×7, I will want additional copies, may I buy more? Absolutely!  We are happy to provide the 5×7 print as your gift, but it’s very common that people want additional prints for family members and their offices, and many times want the digital files for their images. You will have that option. Our regular prices are discounted for this fundraiser!

I need to update my LinkedIn profile…my website headshot…my dating site profile…my profile on my social media sites…my picture on my business card…if I buy the digital file may I use it for those purposes? YES! This is a fantastic opportunity to do so because the digital files are available for just $99 during this fundraiser (there’s even a greater, group discount if buying 3 or more)!

Can you take our family portrait while we’re there? Simple answer…perhaps. This fundraiser is specifically designed for individual portraits. IF time remains within your scheduled timeslot, I’m happy to do so, but my initial goal is to provide everyone with a fantastic, updated headshot. Each person or family that participates in our “Celebration of Smiles” Day will receive a gift certificate for $75 off a regular custom family portrait session to use in the future.

Can you take a portrait of my 3 children together instead of each one separately? With this particular fundraiser, PLP’s obligation to the charity is to provide one photograph for each person in exchange for the $24 donation. I would love the opportunity to schedule a custom portrait session with your family or children. As an additional thank you for participating in this fundraiser will receive a gift certificate for $75 off a regular custom family portrait session to use in the future. IF time remains within your scheduled timeslot, I’m happy to do so, but my initial goal is to provide everyone with a fantastic, updated headshot.

I know for your regular sessions our images are professionally retouched, will headshots taken during this promotion include retouching? Absolutely, yes! Your portraits will be handled with the same standard of excellence that our clients have grown accustomed to.

Sounds great, what do I do now? Contact us right away! We plan on photographing from 11:00am – 5:00pm on Saturday, 11/28. That leaves enough room for approximately 18-20 sessions.  And believe me, for a mini session and a 5×7 print in exchange for a $24 donation, the times will fill quickly. Call us at 410.988.5563. We are a busy, working studio, so if there is no answer then we are with clients, be sure to leave a message and follow up with an email to

Along with other participating members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Pam Long Photography has pledged to donate 100% of each $24 donation made to PPA Charities, which has chosen Operation Smile as its charitable partner. We are looking forward to serving YOU and raising money together for Operation Smile. I’ve had the pleasure of working with PPA Charities for several years now and love the work they do and the partnerships they have formed with organizations like Operation Smile.


Pam Long Photography Operation Smile 2018





Pam Long Photography is a full-service custom portrait studio located in the heart of Historic Ellicott City. If you are in need of a photographer, we would love the opportunity to chat with you. Whether you choose to be photographed in our studio, on location or along the quaint streets of our own beautiful historic town, you will truly enjoy your experience with Pam Long Photography. Clients commission us for a variety of portraiture, from maternity and babies to children and families, high school seniors and pets. We also love working with our commercial clients while creating new headshots, producing amazing photos and videos of their events and aiding them with their branding through our visual creativity. Whatever occasion life brings you, we will help you capture and document those moments to cherish for generations to come. To receive information about what we offer and how we can meet your needs, please contact us at 410.988.5563 or email us at to set up a complimentary consultation. We look forward to transforming your memories into your favorite works of art! To check out our high school senior work, please go to:  Our family website and commercial webiste are currently ‘under construction’ but in the meantime, you can see much of our work on our Facebook page:

Thank you!







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